BDB Timeline [Achtung, Spoiler!]

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BDB Timeline [Achtung, Spoiler!]

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1618 - Darius is born to Marklon and an unnamed female Chosen

1641 - Darius transitions into an adult Vampire

1643 - Darius is sent to the Bloodletter's war camp

1644 - Tohrment I is born to Hharm and an unnamed female Chosen. Darius leaves the Bloodletter's war camp

1665 - Wrath II is born to Wrath I and Anha

1669 - (timeline inconsistency - information from "The BDB Guide" and the first 11 books of the series) Tohrment I transitions into an adult Vampire and is promised to Wellesandra, the firstborn female of the Princeps, Relix

1671 - Darius meets Tohrment I. Hharm disavows Tohrment I as his son and Darius adopts him. Nine months later, Tohrment I is inducted into the Black Dagger Brotherhood

1690 - Wrath goes through transition

1702 - The Scribe Virgin makes an agreement with the Bloodletter to sire a child. They have sex and Vishous and Payne are conceived of the union.

1704 - Vishous and Payne are born to the Bloodletter and The Scribe Virgin

1704-1707 - Vishous and Payne are raised by The Scribe Virgin in the Chosen Sanctuary

1707 - Vishous is turned over the the Bloodletter to raise, per his agreement with The Scribe Virgin. Payne remains in the Chosen Sanctuary.

1729 - Vishous goes through his transition. The Bloodletter tattoos Vishous' face and body, and attempts to castrate him. Vishous gets away and runs from the camp, injured and near death. He eventually heals.

December, 1731 - Xcor, bastard blooded son of an unknown glymera Vampire and the Black Dagger Brother, Hharm, is born in a cave, during a violent winter storm. Hharm disavows him the moment he sees Xcor's deformed mouth, and charges the female to care for him in punishment for cursing Hharm's seed with her foul womb. Hharm turns his back on both the female and Xcor.

1739 - Vishous meets Darius in Italy. Darius takes Vishous to meet Wrath II

~1741 - (timeline inconsistency - information from "The Chosen") Tohrment I is born to the Black Dagger Brother, Hharm, and an unnamed female Chosen or glymera member. Xcor's mahmen is given the news that her charge of caring for Hharm's bastard son, Xcor, is now over as a result of Hharm getting a 'perfect' blooded son at long last. Xcor's mahmen abandons Xcor at the cottage where they'd lived, leaving him tied up and collared outside without a care for his safety or a backward glance. Xcor begs her not to go and watches her leave, but hours later, he escapes his captivity when he realises he will die if he continues to stay outside. He escapes a wolf attack by hiding in the cottage.

~1741-1756 or 1757 - Xcor lives alone in the abandoned cottage, shunned by Vampire society for his deformed face. He survives on wit and cunning alone.

1756-1757 - Xcor undergoes his transition and survives it by trading away his cottage to a local Vampire female to provide his blood needs so he can live through the change. Homeless and looking for a place to belong thereafter, Xcor runs across a group of Vampire male soldiers on the road as they are trying to rob others. He gets into a fight with them and by pure luck and sheer determination, he defeats them. Immediately after that fight, he meets the Bloodletter. Impressed by Xcor's tenacity, strength, and natural fighting prowess, the Bloodletter claims to be Xcor's long-missing blooded father to convince him to join his forces. Believing the lie, Xcor joins the Bloodletter's camp and becomes one of the Band of Bastards.

1778 - Phury and Zsadist are born to Ahgony I and Naseen. Zsadist is abducted by a servant of the family

1780 - Zsadist is abducted by a female doggen and sold into slavery to the Mistress

1784 - (timeline inconsistency - information from "The BDB Guide") Wellesandra is born to Relix and an unnamed female Vampire

1802 - Phury and Zsadist both survive their transitions

1809 - (timeline inconsistency - information from :The BDB Guide") Wellesandra transitions

1814 - Tohrment I and Wellesandra are mated

1843 - Rhage is born to Tohrture and an unnamed female Vampire of the Chosen or the glymera

1868 - Rhage transitions

1898 - Phury rescues Zsadist from the Mistress and Phury loses his leg (form the knee down) during the rescue attempt. Rhage joins the Black Dagger Brotherhood, kills an owl later that year, and is cursed by The Scribe Virgin to bear The Beast as his punishment forever

1917 - Zsadist and Phury meet Wrath II

1932 - Phury nearly dies. Zsadist gets Darius, who contacts Wrath II for last rites. Thankfully, Phury survives

1960 - Butch O'Neal is born to "Robert Bluff" and Odell O'Neal (his adopted father, Eddie O'Neal, is named as the biological father on the birth certificate, however)

1969 - Jane Whitcomb is born to two human parents

1975 - Mary Madonna Luce is born to two human parents

1980 - Elizabeth "Beth" Randall is born to Darius and an unnamed female human

1981 - The Omega goes back in time to this year to impregnate a female Vampire.

1982 - Blaylock is born to Rocke and Lyric I. Hhurt is born to an unnamed male Vampire and an unnamed female Vampire.

1983 - The Scribe Virgin arrives from the future with a 'newborn' John Matthew (Darius' reincarnation) and leaves him in a bus station to be found by humans to be raised. Qhuinn is born to Lohstrong and an unnamed female Vampire. Lash is born to The Omega and an unnamed female Vampire (she dies in childbirth). Lash is given to the Princeps Leahdyre, Ibix and Rayelle to raise as their own.

sometime between 1984-1988 - Craeg is born to Brahl the Younger and an unnamed female Vampire. Peyton is born to Peythone and an unnamed female Vampire of the glymera. Axewell is born to Theirsh and an unnamed commoner Vampire female. Anslem is born to an unnamed male Vampire of the glymera and an unnamed female Vampire of the glymera. Paradise is born to Abalone II and an unnamed female Vampire.

sometime between 1992-2007 - Axewell's mahmen abandons her hellren, Theirsh, and her blooded son, Axewell, wanting more out of life than what they can offer her.

Mid-2005 - Darius is murdered. In the Fade, Darius convinces the Scribe Virgin to allow him to be reincarnated so he can watch over Beth; she takes away his ability to speak, his memories of his life as Darius, and gives him a second life -- as John Matthew. The Scribe Virgin travels back in time to 1983 to leave the baby, John Matthew, in a bus station for humans to find. In the present, Caldwell Detective Brian "Butch" O'Neal and his partner, Detective Jose de la Cruz, are brought in on the Darius car bombing. Wrath II and Beth meet and fall instantly for each other. They have sex. Wrath II releases Marissa from their engagement. Butch meets Marissa, and they fall instantly for each other, but when she doesn't appear again, he thinks she's blown him off and is brokenhearted. Butch meets Xhexania at a club, and they have sex, but Butch regrets it immediately afterwards. Beth goes through her transition with Wrath II's help, and he bonds to her. Havers plots with Lessers to have Wrath killed for disgracing Marissa. Wrath and Beth mate, and she becomes Queen of all the Vampires. She also permanently leaves behind her life as a human, including her job as a reporter for the Caldwell Courier Journal. Butch and Vishous become the best of friends, and in July, Butch moves into The Pitt at the Brotherhood's mansion, leaving behind his life in the human world as well, including his job as a police officer for the Caldwell Police Department. Havers' plot to kill Wrath II fails and is revealed. Wrath II decides to allow Havers to live, despite his treasonous ways, and Wrath II steps down from active duty as a Brother in the field and steps into the role of King of his people full-time.

Late 2005 - John Matthew, a mute pre-trans orphan, calls the Suicide Prevention Hotline and listens to Mary Madonna Luce talk to him. She tracks him down and takes him out of his hopeless, homeless situation. With the help of her neighbor-friend, Bella (who is a Vampire, although Mary doesn't know it at first), Mary brings John to the Brotherhood mansion at Bella's behest. John becomes the unofficially adopted son of Tohrment I and Wellesandra, who take him in and give him his first family. Zsadist and Bella meet and she falls instantly for him, despite the fact he tries to scare her off. Phury becomes very attracted to Bella, despite the fact he knows she prefers his scarred and emotionally damaged twin. Mary and Rhage meet and begin dating. They have sex and fall in love. Rhage finds out that Mary has terminal leukemia, and Mary pushes him away. After having sex with random women, Rhage realises nothing can make him not want to be with Mary and they get back together. Together, they tame Rhage's curse, The Beast, allowing them to be together without Rhage losing control. Mary dies of her illness, but the Scribe Virgin brings her back to life, tying her to Rhage's life. Bella is kidnapped by Lessers, and Zsadist goes after her. Zsadist rescues Bella from the Lessers who kidnapped her and takes care of her as she heals. The Brotherhood opens up the training center to a new class of recruits; Qhuinn, Blaylock, Lash, and John Matthew all join. John, Qhuinn, and Blaylock become friends, and Lash becomes the class bully. Bella finds out about Zsadist's past as a blood slave captive of an abusive female Vampire, and attempts to help him overcome his emotional issues with sex, blood feeding from a female, and caring for others. John Matthew meets Xhexania at ZeroSum, where he, Qhuinn, and Blaylock go sometimes to blow off steam. Bella goes into her needing, and Zsadist has sex with her, bonding to her in the process. They fall in love. Phury begins to do drugs, buying them from Rehvenge. Rehvenge and Bella's mahmen dies. Zsadist lets Bella go, believing himself too damaged to deserve her love. Zsadist goes to Mary and asks her help in teaching him how to be better to win back Bella. They begin with teaching him how to read and write.

2006 - Two months after she left Caldwell, Bella returns to the Brotherhood mansion to tell Zsadist that she conceived during her needing, and that he is going to be a father. Zsadist shows Bella how much he's changed, and tells her that he loves her. They agree to get back together. Zsadist and Bella mate. By February, Vishous' precognition is beginning to fade away, but he tells no one. Butch drinks a little of Vishous' blood. Wellesandra and her unborn son, Tohrment II, are murdered by a Lesser. Tohrment I disappears in his grief. John Matthew mourns Wellsie's death and Tohr's abandonment. Butch is captured by Lessers and The Omega puts some of his essence into Butch, beginning the 'Dhestroyer prophecy'. Butch is rescued by Vishous and returned to the Brotherhood mansion. Rehvenge admits he is in unrequited love with Marissa. Havers ejects Marissa from the family home for having become romantically and sexually involved with a human. Marissa goes to the Brotherhood mansion, and Wrath II and Beth agree she should move in. Butch calls his sister, Joyce O'Neal-Rafferty, and learns his mother is in a care facility and is suffering from Alzheimer's. Marissa's bloodlust takes her over and she goes to Rehvenge for help in easing it, emotionally devastating Butch. In a drunken rage, Butch confronts Rehvenge on feeding Marissa from his vein. Vishous takes Butch home to the Brotherhood compound, and Marissa is there. Marissa loses her virginity to Butch that night. The next day, Butch gets into a fight with some Lessers to save a female Vampire and her daughter, and his new power as the Dhestroyer kicks in; he inhales the Lesser, ashing it. Blaylock goes through his transition. Butch undergoes an ancient ancestor regression ritual, and they discover Butch is related to Wrath II and the First Family somewhere in his lineage. Butch decides he wants to undergo a surgical transition to become a Vampire, too. He tells Marissa about his tragic childhood and his sister's murder, and how he's never felt like he ever belonged anywhere until he met the Brothers and her. The Scribe Virgin appears and sanctifies the transition attempt, as well as Marissa and Butch's mating. Butch transitions into a Vampire and bonds as a Vampire male does to Marissa. Out in the field, Butch once more destroys a Lesser with his new powers, and Mr. X realises finally that Butch is the one he's been waiting for, not Mr. V. Vishous begins to have an emotional breakdown. John Matthew finds out that his classmate, Hhurt, died the night before during his transition. The Scribe Virgin appears to Butch and Vishous and tells them a new era in the war has finally come with the appearance of Butch, the Dhestroyer, and then directs them to reading the prophecy. Vishous learns his cursed hand has the power to heal Butch when he uses his powers to destroy Lessers. Butch shows Marissa his findings, and she realises this means Butch is going to be used as a weapon by the Brotherhood in the war against the Lessers. Butch is okay with his new role, but Marissa is not. She breaks-up with him as a result. John Matthew meets the Chosen known as Layla, who will be his blood donor during his transition, which is coming soon. Butch goes out fighting with the Brothers and inhales the Lesser known as Mr. V, destroying him. As the elder sibling of their family, Marissa assumes the position as head of her family on the glymera Council and her first order of business is to shut down all talk of sehcluding un-mated females. Mr. X approaches Butch and asks Butch to end him like he did Mr. V. Butch attempts to inhale Mr. X, but The Omega blocks his power somehow, so instead Butch kills Mr. X with a dagger, thwarting Mr. X's attempt to destroy himself permanently and instead sending him back to The Omega, who will torture him for eternity for his betrayal. Butch is inducted into the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Marissa decides to create a home for abused female Vampires and children, calling it Safe Place. Beth, Bella, and Mary talk to Marissa about accepting Butch as a warrior, and Marissa finally accepts that the male she loves has always been a fighter, and always will be one. Butch and Marissa mate. Joyce visits her mother, Odell O'Neal, in the care facility. Odell tells Joyce that Butch had come to see her, to tell her he'd gotten married. She then confesses that Butch had been conceived with a doctor at the hospital where she'd worked years earlier, and that she'd cheated on her husband, Edward O'Neal, with this unnamed doctor. Joyce believes her mother is hallucinating or fantasizing the whole thing, and so doesn't believe her.

2007 - Nalla is born (early) to Zsadist and Bella. Vishous is brought to the Chosen Sanctuary by his mother, The Scribe Virgin, who tells him he must become the Primale and mate all of the Chosen within the Sanctuary, so he can beget a new generation of Vampire warriors to fight the Lessening Society. Vishous is shot in the field and ends up in a human hospital, where he meets Doctor Jane Whitcomb, his emergency surgery doctor. Vishous convinces the others to kidnap Jane and bring her back to the mansion with them to help him with his recovery. Jane and Vishous fall in love. Vishous returns Jane to the human world once he is healed, and he erases her memories of them. Vishous goes to the Sanctuary to take up the role of the Primale, but can't do it, for his heart belongs to Jane now. Phury steps up and volunteers to take Vishous' place as Primale and The Scribe Virgin allows it. Vishous returns to Jane and gives her back her memories. Jane is mortally wounded by a Lesser's bullet and dies. Vishous attempts to resurrect her, but is stopped by The Scribe Virgin. Sad for her son's suffering, The Scribe Virgin sacrifices her happiness (she destroys the birds that sing to her every day) to have Jane's ghost tied to Vishous (the ghost can become corporeal as she wishes, but will never age). Phury officially becomes the Primale of the Vampire race. Phury meets Cormia, but refuses to mate her. Cormia goes down to Earth with the Primale, and takes a room in the Brotherhood's mansion. Hhurt goes into his transition and dies. Lash's dog, King, dies (Lash is 24 years old).

from the beginning of 2008-onward - (timeline inconsistency - J.R. Ward claims all events from "Lover Unbound" to "The Chosen" and from "Blood Kiss" to "Blood Fury" transpired within a two-year time frame after "Dark Lover", but the novel timelines do not match that contention. Also, the cultural and slang references used by the Brothers and others within the narrative are contemporary to the years listed below, which provides further proof that the timeline is progressive beyond 2007)

2008 - At the mansion, Cormia begins to learn about life outside the Sanctuary and begins to evolve her thinking about her place in the world and what she wants out of life. Phury struggles with his worsening drug addiction. Qhuinn, Lash, then John Matthew all transition into adult Vampires. Qhuinn begins a massive campaign of sleeping around with human and Vampire females and males, alike. He convinces Blay to join him sometimes in a threesome/moresome with the ladies (Blay and Qhuinn never touch each other, only the women). Blaylock begins to realise that his long-time feelings for Qhuinn are definitely love, and not in a brotherly way, but he hides that fact from everyone. Qhuinn kills Lash while protecting John Matthew from him. Qhuinn is given the title of ahstrux nohstrum, or bodyguard for John Matthew by Wrath II to prevent Qhuinn from going to jail for Lash's murder. Lash's corpse is abducted by Lessers and brought to The Omega, who performs a Lessening ritual on him to resurrect Lash from the dead. Lash becomes the Lesser King. Lash kills Ibix, Rayelle, and their children in their family home. Lash and his Lessers go on a killing spree, hunting down Vampire families and murdering them, then stealing their goods and money to fund their new venture (drug running and gun buying). Lash's Lessers kill Axewell's father, who is working at a house belonging to one of the glymera families (the aristocrat Vampires all escape to a safe room and lock the workers out, and the Lessers slaughter the unlucky workers). Lash kills Qhuinn's father, mother, and sister, but kidnaps Luchas, Qhuinn's brother, and tortures him. Lash then dumps Luchas into a barrel of the black oily substance that is The Omega's blood (this, effectively, puts Luchas into a state of suspended animation), and seals the barrel up, putting it in some warehouse for later use. Phury and Cormia give into their lust and have sex. Cormia decides to leave Earth and return to Sanctuary, brokenhearted that Phury will not do what is right by her and the other Chosen. Phury overdoses on heroine and nearly dies. Zsadist has a serious talk with Phury and Wrath II decides that Phury is too unpredictable to be in the Brotherhood any longer. Phury realises the mess he's made of his life and goes to Sanctuary to change everything: he decides that the Chosen should be set free to decide what they want for themselves, rather than be unhappy and bound by tradition. The Scribe Virgin lets the Chosen go, but Phury agrees to be responsible for their safety and happiness, no matter whether they stay in Sanctuary or go down to Earth. Cormia and Phury return to Earth together, and live in Rehvenge's cabin up north with some of the Chosen. Phury begins attending drug counselling. Phury and Cormia mate. Ehlena meets Rehvenge when he comes into Haver's clinic. He returns regularly after that just to see her, and she pretends not to be attracted to him to keep things professional.

2010: Ehlena begins talking on the phone to Rehvenge. She steals medicine from the hospital to help him when he is ill, and loses her job as a result. Rehvenge goes up north for his monthly visit to the Princess, who is the current Queen of the Sympaths and Rehvenge's blooded half-sister (on his father's side). He pays her 'tribute' in the form of a bag of rubies and sex, per their long-standing agreement, so the Princess will leave Xhex alone. Trez drives Rehvenge back afterwards and helps his friend recover from the poisoning in his system caused by having sex with the Princess. Tohrment I returns to the mansion, accompanied by Lassiter, the Fallen Angel. John Matthew is having a hard time reconciling with Tohr for having just left them all after Wellsie's death. Lash meets with the Princess (who he believes is really a male at first sight) to discuss allying the Lessening Society with the Sympaths. Feeling better, Rehvenge has dinner with Ehlena. They have sex and Rehvenge's bonding scent is triggered, as is his ability to have sex with her, despite having doped up in advance of the date to keep his Sympath side in check. Ehlena's father dies. John Matthew and Xhex have sex; John loses his virginity. Xhex rejects him afterwards, and a brokenhearted John goes on a bender, having random sex with lots of females and drinking a lot. Xhex notices and is hurt by his attempt to get even with her, but she's too afraid to take up with another male after the last relationship she had (with Muhrder) went so wrong. Lash is gifted the Princess by her husband (who is also her blooded uncle) for her attempted betrayal. Lash takes the Princess prisoner and rapes her repeatedly. Ehlena finds out Rehvenge's secrets - that he is part-Sympath, that he is being blackmailed into sleeping with his half-sister, and that he is a drug lord and pimp in Caldwell -- and she breaks up with him. Rehvenge blows up ZeroSum, and attempts to make it look like he's died in the bombing of the club. Instead, he is taken prisoner by his uncle, the Sympath King, and tortured for having slept with the Princess and colluded with her. Xhex confronts Ehlena about her condemning Rehv, and Ehlena decides to fight for the male she loves. Getting the Brotherhood's help, Ehlena, Xhex, and the Shadow brothers, Trez and iAm, go to the Colony to save Rehv. The Princess escapes Lash and runs for the Colony. Lash shows up at the Colony to take the Princess back and finds the Brotherhood there. They fight. Lash escapes the fighting to find the Princess, who has gone to find Rehv. Ehlena, Xhex, and Zsadist find Rehv chained up and rescue him. Jealous of Ehlena, the Princess attempts to kill her, but she is fatally wounded and dies. Rehv uses his Sympath powers to kill his uncle and seize the throne, becoming the Sympath's new king. Using his magical powers of obfuscation, Lash kidnaps Xhex and takes her to his temporary home. Rehv and Ehlena mate, and he makes her the Queen of the Sympaths.

2010-2011 - Xhex is beaten and raped repeatedly by Lash in his home. Bonded to Xhex, like it or not, John Matthew has been looking for her ever since her disappearance from the Colony, and is going fair mad as the search for her continues to turn up nothing. A human film crew, including discontented secret lovers Greg Winn and Holly Fleet, visit Eliahu Rathboone's "haunted" mansion in the south to do an expose about him and his ghost that supposedly lives in the mansion. Xhex escapes captivity and returns to the Brotherhood. Blaylock finally decides to move on from Qhuinn and to embrace being homosexual, and begins a sexual relationship with Saxton, his first male lover. Lash makes a female Lesser in a desperate attempt to get the blood he needs from someone of the opposite gender. The attempt backfires, and he is forced to kill the human female. The Omega turns his back on Lash. Eliahu Rathboone appears to Holly Fleet unexpectedly, and seduces her. He has sex with her and drinks her blood, and then changes her memories of the event. She returns to her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Greg, and tells him. Greg becomes jealous. In Caldwell, Lash begins to physically rot, leaving only an insubstantial shadow figure where his flesh used to be. At the Brotherhood mansion, Xhex and John Matthew have sex and they bond. In a final showdown with Lash, John Matthew restrains Lash while Xhex uses a knife to kill him. Lash's shadowy form disappears in a blinding white flash of light. Holly Fleet and Greg Winn get back together and decide to marry. They leave Eliahu Rathboone's mansion and return to their home, deciding not to publish their findings. John Matthew and Xhex mate.

2011 - The Band of Bastards, led by Xcor, has tracked the Brotherhood to Caldwell. They intend to kill Wrath II and take the throne, feeling they are more deserving, as they are actually out there fighting the Lessers. Payne suffers a devastating spinal injury that leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. She asks to die. Jane visits her old friend, Manuel "Manny" Manello, and requests his help in attempting to help find a medical solution to Payne's injuries. Manny's horse, Glory, has recently suffered a devastating leg injury, and he fears he's going to have to put his beautiful race horse down. Depressed by the thought, Manny decides to go to the Brotherhood mansion to help the woman in trouble. He falls instantly in love with Payne the moment he meets her, and she with him. Over time, Manny helps Payne learn to accept that the loss of her legs isn't the end of the line for her. Her healing powers begin to awaken, and as a result, her paralysis is reversed. Payne heals Glory's injuries with her new power. Vishous isn't dealing well with Payne's dating a human, and that as her big brother, he should have been there to prevent her injuries in the first place. His relationship with Jane starts to suffer. Jane calls in Butch to help. The two stage an intervention, where they teach Vishous to learn to let go of his need to control everything. Manny and Payne have sex; Payne loses her virginity. Manny and Payne mate. Glory becomes Manny's mating gift to Payne.

2012 - Tohrment I's suicidal actions lead him to walking into a hail of gunfire during a fight. Impressed by Tohr's courage, Xcor snipes Lessers from a nearby building, aiding Tohrment. This help is caught on video and uploaded to the internet by someone dubbing themselves 'vamp9120'. Tohr and Autumn begin a year long affair as Tohr attempts to rescue his dead shellan, Wellesandra, and his dead unborn son, Tohrment II, from the In-Between, with the help of Lassiter. Layla is asked to give blood to Throe II to save his life. Throe II summons Layla to him through their blood bond to save Xcor, who is dying. Layla and Xcor meet and both know instantly that they are destined mates. Layla saves Xcor's life by giving him blood. Tohr saves Wellsie and his son, allowing their souls to pass on into the Fade. Autumn also finds her resolution and passes into the Fade, but Lassiter retrieves her (having made a deal with the Scribe Virgin to take her place once she decides to diminish and pass on, to keep the balance in the universe). Tohrment I and Autumn mate. Layla goes into her needing and lays with Qhuinn. Layla conceives. Blaylock and Saxton break up. Qhuinn and Blaylock have sex in secret, but a series of misunderstandings and miscommunication keep them apart otherwise. Marisol (Sola) is kidnapped by the Benloise mafia, and tortured and raped by various members. Trez meets the Chosen Selena. The Brotherhood rescue Luchas from the vat of Lesser blood he'd been submerged and suspended in after his torture by Lash. Luchas is brought back to the Brotherhood mansion and worked on by the medical team to save him. The Brotherhood opens up a new training program, and the only ones who pass the entrance test are Paradise, Craeg, Axewell, Nova, Peyton, Anslem, and Boone. Qhuinn finally admits he is in love with Blaylock and that he is gay. Blaylock gives Qhuinn his family's crest ring. Qhuinn and Blaylock mate. Assail and his two cousins, Ehric and Evale, rescue Marisol from the Benloise mafia, killing all the mafia members, including Ricardo and Eduardo, in the process. Marisol returns to her grandmother's house, and the two women decide to move to Florida to get away and start over. Assail has sex with Marisol, but agrees to let her leave without mating her officially (he remains a bonded male with an incomplete bond). Marisol and her grandmother move to Florida. Assail takes up snorting cocaine to ease the pain of his mate's loss. Trez and Selena have sex; Selena loses her virginity. Assail takes over all drug operations in Caldwell, including selling drugs to the Lessers.

2013 - The s'Hisbe murders the daughter she conceived with s'Ex to keep the throne clear for her other daughter, maichen. s'Ex conspires with Trez and iAm and maichen to destroy the s'Hisbe and replace her with maichen. Xcor finds the Brotherhood mansion by following the bond of blood he shares with Layla. He blackmails Layla into meeting with him weekly in exchange for not telling any the Band of Bastards where the mansion is located. Xcor then cleans up, buying new and attractive clothing for his meetings with Layla, the female he has accepted is his un-mated shellan. Trez and Selena mate. iAm and maichen have sex and fall in love. Selena dies and Trez burns her body in the backyard of the Brotherhood mansion on a funeral pyre. The s'Hisbe is killed by s'Ex for murdering their daughter. iAm and maichen mate. Maichen becomes the new s'Hisbe, Queen of the Shadows. Anslem murders Allishon. The Brotherhood training program progresses, and Paradise becomes the Prima of her class. Craeg and Paradise mate. Anslem attempts to murder Paradise, but is killed by Craeg. Axewell and Elise mate.

2014: The Scribe Virgin diminished and fades away, per the agreement she made with Lassiter (and to help diminish the power of The Omega, her brother, as they are universal opposites). Xcor is injured and falls into a coma. He is captured by the Brotherhood and held captive at The Tomb. Layla gives birth to fraternal twins, Lyric II and Rhampage. Lassiter becomes the Scribe Virgin's replacement, per his agreement with her. His first act is to reincarnate Selena for Trez; the woman's name is Theresa (a.k.a. Tres). Layla reveals to Qhuinn that she's been secretly seeing Xcor for the last year, and is in love with him. Xcor attempts to shoot Layla in a fit of rage and schisms with Blaylock over it. Layla and Xcor mate. Assail goes to the Brotherhood mansion for drug rehab help, and Manny, Doc Jane, and the Brothers have to lock him into a room to detox. He begins his routine of screaming randomly throughout the day and night, disturbing others in the mansion. Luchas begins to work with Ehlena at the Brotherhood mansion pool to help him rebuild strength in his muscles and to learn how to cope with his handicaps now that he has lost a leg and several fingers. Ruhn moves into the Brotherhood mansion and celebrates his first Christmas with Rhage, Mary, and Bitty (they give him sweaters and slacks for presents).

2015: A snowstorm blows into Caldwell. Saxton and Ruhn meet and are attracted to each other from the get-go. Peyton and Novo have sex for the first time in the Brotherhood's PT clinic on a massage table, but the attempt stalls as Peyton notices Novo isn't really into it. Later, in the field, Novo is stabbed by a Lesser in the heart and flatlines twice on the table while Manny works on saving her life. She survives surgery. During her recovery, Peyton visits her, and the two fall in love slowly over time. Ruhn and Saxton work to help Minnie Rowe, a widowed Vampire, save her farmhouse from a group of human men determined to run her off her property. In the doing, the two become very close and eventually, Ruhn admits he is attracted to Saxton. They two kiss at the Commodore, in Saxton's flat. Later, at Minnie's farmhouse, Ruhn appears and aggressively seduces Saxton in the kitchen. In the awkward aftermath, the two dance around their budding feelings for each other. Peyton's sire is determined to bring him to heel and introduces him to Romina, a female glymera member, with the intention of matching them for a mating. Peyton meets with her, but leaves before the end of dinner to go to Novo to feed her blood, so she can recover faster. He and Novo begin to bond (slowly). While out on a date, Ruhn and Saxton are attacked by two humans who work for the housing development company determined to run Minnie Rowe out of town so they can take her lands. Ruhn's former training as a cage fighter saves the day, but the level of aggression and lack of recognition in Ruhn's eyes during the fight spooks Saxton. Back at Minnie's farmhouse, the two talk about Ruhn's horrific past and Saxton begins to find his love for Blaylock is fading, to be replaced by a growing, deeper love for Ruhn. After being yelled at by his sire for leaving dinner so abruptly, Peyton goes out to a nightclub, but finds that life no longer interests him. Instead, he goes to the Brotherhood clinic to be with Novo. The two make love in one of the recovery room beds, and it is a turning point in their relationship.


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